1/7.  A heavy snow blankets the lake.  Interestingly enough, I now see the bare area to the left of the first picture.  My neighbor Scott had his water meter freeze, spilling water all the way down to the lake (and along my house, too).  This picture shows that the meter burst before this picture was taken.
1/7.  Mother nature can turn almost anything into beauty.  The waffle pattern is on my deck swing.  You don't see that kind of thing in Nebraska, where the wind would never let snow come straight down.  :>)

1/9.  Eagle Days again.  I saw a lot more this year than last year, including 5 in one tree and 6 in another.

1/9.  The temps dip way down, and the cove freezes over completely.

A flock of geese spend the day napping on the ice.

The cove freezes way out to the main channel.

The main channel didn't freeze by the dam, but it did so further up the lake.

1/11.  Sam and Ben come down for a few days.  Scheduling conflicts kept them from coming down on the 1st like last year, which kept us from bringing Dale down after Christmas.  Looking down at the community bridge, you can see that a boat made plowed through the ice, went under the bridge, and turned around.
The garage project finally gets started.  Click on the picture to take you to its own page.
1/26.  While not working on the garage, the living room gets a makeover similar to last year's office wall recovering.  I have thicker paper this time around, and I'm going over the seams and valleys with joint compound.  It took a lot more sanding, but well worth it.  The last picture shows the sander connected to a small shop vac.  The suction is enough to hold it to the wall, and when it doesn't, it's time to clean the filter.  :>)
2/8.  The finished product.  It's so much brighter, and the furniture rearranging really opened up the living room.  As a comparison, the last picture shows how it used to be.
1/29.  A pair of eagles visit my cove.  A third immature eagle dropped by but these two chased him off after a minute.
2/7.  My new Nova arrived yesterday, so I took advantage of a nice day to wash and clean it up.  Looks great.  Click on the picture to take you to its own page.
An eagle spends the afternoon fishing in my cove, and parks himself right outside my home office window.
The week of March 10th is spent with Dale in Norfolk and Omaha.  Here Dale is taking a break on a pile of rugs in Nebraska Furniture Mart. 
3/26.  Splashed the boat and went to Formula Friday (the first one of the year).  It was a gorgeous day, and the sunset on the way back was fantastic.
3/30.  I look out this morning, and see this almost submerged paddle boat drifting in the cove.  I borrow my neighbor's paddle boat to retrieve it.  It's been in the water for quite some time.
5/5.  Bought a new boat for the Adventure Boat Rentals fleet.  It's a one-owner Bayliner Rendezvous 2659.  It'll make a great lake boat.
5/12.  It rains something like 5" in less than an hour at 2am.  The drain for the driveway gets plugged up and hundreds of gallons of water get dumped into the house.  It was like a fire hose being turned on.  The new laundry room floor is going to have to be pulled up since the water went through it to the basement.  I get back to bed at 5 am, and am back at it by 9.  5 hours later I've finally vacuumed up most of the water, with fans hopefully taking care of the rest.
5/23.  Another gorgeous sunset, this time with rays of sun piercing through the clouds.
7/31.  I'm out delivering a boat and hear this loud boom.  Someone fueling up at the Horny Toad complex blew up his boat. 
7/31.  I get a rare chance to go to Party Cove when some friends come down for the weekend. 
8/3.  I love my job.  I had to pick up some customers at their cabin and they were running late.  Not so much that I had time to go back to the marina and do something else, so I took advantage of another beautiful day on the lake and soaked up some sun.
8/11.  After an early morning delivery, I see this dock being pushed to its new home.  The colors you see are not retouched.  It actually was that kind of purples and blues out.
8/19.  I hear on the radio that my good friend comedian Jay Wendell Walker is going to be playing locally.  I hadn't seen him for maybe 8 years, and he had no idea that I moved to the lake.  I call ahead to get a good table and surprise him, wearing his t-shirt.  He was speechless.  After the show we caught up on everything.  Funny thing was that he didn't know I had moved back to Nebraska after knowing him in Spokane, and I ran into him the same way 10 years earlier, surprising him at a nightclub in Columbus, NE.
8/14.  My little girl Sam becomes Mrs. Ben Lupo.  Click on the picture to take you to the wedding page.
8/24.  I pick up a power washer and have at it with the deck.  Amazing difference!
9/1.  The garage is mostly finished.  I spend the next few months finishing up the inside after the contractor quit.
9/25.  My friend Len Fleischer (the guy who was responsible for me finding this lake) and wife Sandy take us out on their boat for the day.  We run across a neat man-made waterfall.
10/2.  I take a trip up to Omaha to see Sam and Dale.  We go to the zoo. 
10/9.  Another beautiful sunset, with the moon chasing the sun.  If you look closely, you can see another boat out on the water.
10/16.  Two very large turtles are swimming around in circles near my dock.
10/21.  With the boat rental season over, it's time to put everything away. Here I'm towing one WaveRunner with another over to the boat ramp so we can put them on the trailer for the Winter.
Week of Thanksgiving was spent with Bunny and David in San Francisco.  Click on the picture to take you to its own page.
12/24.  I make the trip up to Mom's, picking up Dale along the way.  Sam and Ben come up also for the night.  My old Christmas tree looks pretty good in Mom's house.  Dale gets some DVDs and a Lava Lamp.  Tragically, he dropped the lamp a week later in Omaha when I bring him back to his mother.  Looks like he'll get another one next year.  :>)
12/31.  Yes, New Year's Eve, and we're boating.  Dale was down for Christmas vacation and it was so nice out that we decided to take out one of the boats.

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