1/31.  A huge Winter storm is forecast, and people go crazy with stocking up.  The were no eggs left and very little meat left in Wal Mart.  I was there earlier in the day and it looked like a typical Saturday afternoon during tourist season.
2/1.  The lake gets 22" of snow.  The only good thing is the forecast sheet of ice under it didn't happen, but there were still a lot of docks that collapsed from the weight.
My own dock starts sinking from the weight.  The floats are under the water (ice) line and the structure is headed there.  The only thing keeping everything afloat is the extra air in my boat lift.  Even so, the lots are under water  It takes several days before I can get up on the roof of the dock and shovel the snow off. 
My neighbor's dock is halfway sunk.  Going over to Village Marina, I see their largest dock collapses on millions of dollars worth of boats.
2/13.  With the sun melting the ice on the lake below, it acts like a mirror and reflects into the living room.  The reflected light below is almost as bright as the sunlight above.

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