dalexmas1.jpg (42933 bytes)dalexmas2.jpg (33927 bytes)dalexmas3.jpg (39543 bytes)dalexmas4.jpg (37973 bytes)
Dale enjoys his presents.

xmas1.jpg (31790 bytes) Christmas morning.  Dale delivered the presents
xmas4.jpg (39962 bytes) Erica digs for presents
xmas2.jpg (42897 bytes) Ready to unwrap.
xmas3.jpg (32746 bytes)
Ryan brought his girlfriend Emily along for Christmas.
xmasdecor1.jpg (74359 bytes) Christmas decorating time.  J.D. gets the lights on the windows.
xmasdecor2.jpg (117555 bytes) All Dale wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.  :>)
xmasdecor3.jpg (76392 bytes) Brian came up for the Thanksgiving weekend.
xmasdecor4.jpg (85847 bytes) xmasdecor5.jpg (71410 bytes)xmasdecor6.jpg (97477 bytes) Decorating for Christmas.

EricaCheer1.jpg (64495 bytes)  Erica at a football game doing the cheerleader thing.

EricaJoshHC1.jpg (92577 bytes)EricaJoshHC2.jpg (99727 bytes)EricaJoshHC3.jpg (91063 bytes)samhomecoming02.jpg (123234 bytes)
10/5  Homecoming.  Erica and boyfriend Josh go for the Blues Brothers look.  Sam picked her date up in town.

BiPlane1.jpg (57916 bytes) Lavitsef day started out cold and overcast.  We loaded up Bryan's plane on the trailer and headed to town for the parade.  No, the deer on the left didn't die laughing as we passed.  :>)
BiPlane5.jpg (80231 bytes) We had traffic backed up behind us during the whole 3 miles into town.  They were certainly glad to see us turn off of Hwy. 81.
parade1.jpg (92338 bytes) Dale peeks from behind the plane.  Our float won a $25 3rd place prize in the most unusual category.
Flags1.jpg (67913 bytes) The flag team gets ready to perform in the parade.
Flags2.jpg (86259 bytes) Flags3.jpg (65216 bytes) Sam, marching in the parade.

enchilada1.jpg (97902 bytes)enchilada2.jpg (96760 bytes)
Sam and Erica make their enchilada dinner.

prom02a.jpg (36522 bytes)prom02d.jpg (36485 bytes)
Prom season rolls around again.  Erica and Ryan both went.  On the right, is Erica's date, Tony.

dalewagon1.jpg (80733 bytes)
3/31/02  was a cleanup day around the new house in preparation for putting in a lawn.  We moved the leftover bricks, picked up all the broken concrete, rocks, construction debris, fence poles, etc.  Dale helped move some branches by hauling them in his wagon.  Erica couldn't resist a free ride back from the burn pile. 
J.D. built a new road from the driveway shown above, to the hangar, allowing the South driveway to be shut off.

daleslippers.jpg (79089 bytes)
Dale tries on his soccer ball slippers.  They used to belong to Erica, but Dale wore them more, so he ended up with them as a birthday gift.  See more of Dale's 6th birthday.

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