EricaDale1.jpg (47036 bytes) EricaDale2.jpg (52092 bytes) Dale works on Erica's back.
jdmombrian.jpg (113377 bytes) bunnyfam1101.jpg (121040 bytes)Family.jpg (76653 bytes)MomDeb.jpg (67219 bytes) 11/9/01during Grandpa's funeral visitation.
jddalegame.jpg (77118 bytes) J.D. and Dale ham it up with the camera at the game.
cheerflag1.jpg (110291 bytes) 8/31/01.  Erin, Sam, Amanda and Erica pose before the first football game of the year.  Go to Sam or Erica's page for more pics.
karaoke4.jpg (62113 bytes) karaoke1.jpg (57200 bytes)karaoke2.jpg (57769 bytes)karaoke3.jpg (60502 bytes)8/10.  With Brian in town, we head out to karaoke with Denise.    Another friend gets Brian to do an Elvis duet.
anug1.jpg (40153 bytes) anug2.jpg (53818 bytes) 7/8  ANUG in David City.  Dale is checking out the planes in the second photo.
jdlanding.jpg (122848 bytes) ericatan1.jpg (131539 bytes) 6/3.  Norfolk Fly-In.  Miss Tress comes in over the fence, and Erica works on her tan.
moon1.jpg (32369 bytes) moon3.jpg (44013 bytes)moon2.jpg (20854 bytes) 5/8/01.  Coming back from the acreage was a beautiful full moon.
gpa91.jpg (67433 bytes) Grandpa's 91st Birthday
brian0401.jpg (54820 bytes) Brian made a surprise appearance for his birthday.
daleaster1.jpg (74346 bytes) Dale's looking for Easter Eggs
daleaster2.jpg (74846 bytes) Sam helps Dale find another egg.

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