The week of June 17th, 2001 was spent in Debbie's hometown area of Indiana, PA. 

jimmilhouse.jpg (107603 bytes) We stayed at Debbie's sister Millie's house.

pool1.jpg (109223 bytes)pool3.jpg (108558 bytes)pool4.jpg (100315 bytes)pool6.jpg (106918 bytes)pool7.jpg (90621 bytes)pool8.jpg (79123 bytes) Everyone spent a lot of time in the pool, and we made an improvised float setup for Dale.

deer1.jpg (74396 bytes) There were deer everywhere, including this young buck out on the road.

gocart1.jpg (171099 bytes)gocart2.jpg (156970 bytes) Dale loved riding around in the go-cart.  Might have to get one of those.
ericamud.jpg (93776 bytes)Erica didn't fare too well when she went through a mud puddle with the go-cart.
gocart4.jpg (144665 bytes) Debbie took Dale for a spin, and we could hear him squealing with delight throughout the whole trip!

samhorse1.jpg (154490 bytes)samhorse2.jpg (150436 bytes)samhorse4.jpg (160778 bytes)samhorse3.jpg (147631 bytes)samhorse5.jpg (162381 bytes)Sam spent a morning going horseback riding with Ginny.

amishsign.jpg (83562 bytes)coveredbridge.jpg (106686 bytes)amish1.jpg (114226 bytes)amish2.jpg (122661 bytes)amish3.jpg (112240 bytes) Smicksburg, PA is an Amish community near where Debbie's land is, and we saw several horse and buggies on the road.

gaswell2.jpg (164824 bytes) Debbie's gas well on her 42 acres.

dalebackpack.jpg (121500 bytes) Dale, hauling his bag out to the van.

dalecarseat.jpg (98600 bytes)dalecarseat2.jpg (97820 bytes) Dale kept himself busy with his airplane during all the driving.


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