'70 Chevy Nova

12/20/09.  I occasionally check eBay for '70 Novas, since I used to have one as a kid.  I saw this one in early December and since it was going for  a low price, I put a bid on it.  The reserve wasn't met, so I didn't win it.  A week later it gets re-listed and I put it on my watch list.  Finishing up work one evening, I decided to check on eBay, and saw that the Nova had 40 seconds left on the auction.  Since the reserve wasn't met again, I half-heartedly put a low bid on it so I might be able to negotiate later with the seller to buy the car.  To my surprise, my bid took off the reserve and I won the car!.  These are the eBay pictures from the auction.
My next dilemma was to figure out how to get the car home.  Turns out it was in Quincy WA, over 1800 miles away.   While I searched for a transport company, I asked all of the e-mail lists that I'm on if anyone lived nearby.  To my amazement, Brad Ren, a fellow Challenger flyer lived in Quincy and said he'd help me get the car from the owner and store it until it could be picked up.  Thanks, Brad!
The car is in pretty good shape, but has some rust issues around the rear quarter.
The car is probably a true SS, but without a build sheet, it's impossible to prove.  However, it did come with bucket seats, auto on the floor and power disc brakes. 
Brad sends me some pictures after he gets it to my house.  The floor pans are in great shape and the trunk isn't bad, either.  The interior needs some serious cleaning.  Lastly, Brad sends me a picture of it loaded on the truck, ready to head my way.
2/6.  It finally arrives!  Due to me living on a tight street, I meet the driver at the top of the hill where there's a big open lot.  The orange '73 Jimmy reminds me of my orange '73 Blazer I had in the 80s (on my vehicle web page). 
2/7.  A relatively nice day gave me some time to clean up the car.  Looks good!  The engine isn't original, which gives me some leeway in modifying it to my tastes and not having to worry about originality.

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