deck1.jpg (52199 bytes) The main deck is done except for railing, which might have to wait until Spring.
debpaint1.jpg (26972 bytes) Debbie painting our bathroom.
debpaint2.jpg (34522 bytes) Debbie trying to paint JD.  :>)
daleroom1.jpg (24748 bytes) ericaroom1.jpg (24862 bytes)Dale's and Erica's closets.  We had organizers built in all the closets.
samroom1.jpg (15848 bytes) Sam's room.  Barney's got not nothing on Sam, for purple!
kitchen2.jpg (34307 bytes) kitchen1.jpg (35532 bytes)The kitchen cabinets are in, and most of the lighting/wiring has been done.  Setting the center island is next.
entry1.jpg (21340 bytes)T The entryway lights have been installed.
recroom1.jpg (29364 bytes) 1/20/01.  The house is done.  We spent the weekend moving some of the larger items we wouldn't be using into the house, including the pool table.  Ugh, is that thing ever heavy!
greatroom1.jpg (72191 bytes) From the stairs looking into the great room.
kidscouch.jpg (100702 bytes) With some of the furniture in, the kids and friends immediately found the couch to lounge on.  You'd thought we were already moved....
mbedroom.jpg (70623 bytes) The master bedroom is huge and could use some furniture.  That'll be taken care of in the next week.
mbath.jpg (73827 bytes) Dale's always in front of the camera, so he's featured in this shot of the master bathroom.
office1.jpg (78490 bytes) Bay window of the office/music room.  I can already see it's too small.
sprinkler1.jpg (57677 bytes) sprinkler2.jpg (56771 bytes)sprinkler3.jpg (51161 bytes) Debbie hand-dug this trench in the first picture.  The rest was dug with the tractor and a single plow.  J.D. assembles a sprinkler head in the next 2 pictures.
redtractor.jpg (119537 bytes) momsprinklers.jpg (115037 bytes)Mom and Red stopped by and helped with the trenches.  Yes, that's Red driving a FORD!  Can you believe it?
jddeck1.jpg (99629 bytes) jddeck2.jpg (102767 bytes)Finishing up the deck.  I doubt I'd ever do a pattern as difficult as this again.

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