framing1.jpg (91427 bytes) framing2.jpg (91806 bytes)framing3.jpg (81864 bytes)framing4.jpg (94894 bytes)framing5.jpg (79696 bytes)
framing6.jpg (97809 bytes) 6/14.  The main floor is started
framing10.jpg (80763 bytes) framing11.jpg (76095 bytes) The roof is framed up.  Looking like a house, now.
framing12.jpg (34341 bytes) 6/27.  The felt is on the roof.
framing13.jpg (32957 bytes) 7/3.  The house is wrapped, and the interior walls are being finished up.
aerialview5.jpg (42881 bytes) 7/4.  Looks almost done from the air.
sside.jpg (80073 bytes) walkoutdoor.jpg (91923 bytes) 7/10.  The windows and doors are in.
greatvault.jpg (97409 bytes) skylights.jpg (86271 bytes)  The great room is vaulted, with 2 skylights
jacuzzi.jpg (102561 bytes) cthrufp.jpg (94810 bytes)  Taking a break in the Jacuzzi, and the see-through fireplace that will go between it and the master bedroom.
frontoctagon.jpg (71972 bytes) officewindow.jpg (58598 bytes)  The octagonal window in the entryway, and the window seat in the office.
deckdoor.jpg (77188 bytes) diningroom.jpg (93298 bytes)  Door to the main deck and the dining room.  It's all open to the great room.
fireplace.jpg (98992 bytes) View of the great room fireplace.
reneeroof.jpg (64485 bytes) 7/17.  Renee came along with us and helped us shingle.  Yes, it was pretty dark when we finished for the night!
roof1.jpg (78379 bytes) 7/30.  Most of the roofing is done.  This has been a long project that's taken almost a month so far. 
roof2.jpg (79626 bytes) 8/6  STILL shingling.  Sheesh!  You'd never think there were THAT many shingles on a house...  On a brighter note, J.D.'s redneck farmer's tan has evened out since then.
roof3.jpg (90167 bytes) Erica gets the job of peeling the plastic strips off the back of the shingles.
roof4.jpg (89029 bytes) J.D. & Debbie laying and nailing.  Yes, she's lost so much weight, it's hard to keep her pants up!  :>)
roof5.jpg (76174 bytes) Sam getting ready to peel plastic strips.
jdroof1.jpg (128669 bytes) jdroof2.jpg (122710 bytes)jdroof3.jpg (123143 bytes)8/18/01.  Finally getting the hips and ridges on.  We ran 10 bundles short on the shingles, so it'll be another 3 weeks to finish it up.
wiring1.jpg (47119 bytes)
Someone let a Smurf in, and all these blue boxes showed up!
wiring2.jpg (52419 bytes)wiring3.jpg (29411 bytes)wiring4.jpg (33654 bytes)wiring5.jpg (85807 bytes) 8/31.  The basement wiring is almost completed.
glassblock.jpg (33322 bytes) The master bathroom has a Jacuzzi, and we built this glass-block window for it.
house2.jpg (40889 bytes) The roof is done, and the exterior just needs siding and brick.

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