garage5.jpg (64709 bytes)

garage3.jpg (55466 bytes)garage2.jpg (56442 bytes) garage4.jpg (90477 bytes)garage1.jpg (76588 bytes)9/2.  Labor Day weekend was spent putting up the garage doors, which buttoned up the house. 
garage2.jpg (94023 bytes) Brick ledge is installed.  Not knowing it had to extend past the doors, we later had to remove it and weld on another 10".  :>/
bricks1.jpg (100395 bytes) 9/5.  The brick work is started.
frontdoor1.jpg (44079 bytes) Brickwork is done, and the front door is installed.
debbieroof.jpg (63147 bytes) 9/9. The last remaining shingles arrived, and we spent the weekend putting them on. Here, Debbie drains some Diet Pepsi during a break.
samroof.jpg (45255 bytes) Sam, cutting the hip and ridge shingles.
ericadebbieroof.jpg (57450 bytes) Our air compressor decided to spin the pulley on the motor, so while the JB weld was setting up, we had to snip roofing nails out of the coils.  Erica got that job, while Debbie put the hip and ridge shingles on.
roof.jpg (26114 bytes) The last of the shingles go on!  This was a lot bigger project than any of us imagined.
wirebrick1.jpg (63283 bytes) wirebrick2.jpg (66388 bytes)wirebrick3.jpg (48244 bytes) The bricklayers needed to cover this area so I got a few pictures to document that the wiring was done correctly beforehand.
jdrafters2.jpg (47439 bytes) jdrafters3.jpg (47425 bytes)Wire runs everywhere, including up in the vaulted ceiling area. 
insulation2.jpg (42968 bytes) 10/12.  The insulation is blown in.
debladder1.jpg (34310 bytes) Caulking all the windows before the siding goes on.  Debbie doesn't care for ladders and heights, but she did this one anyway.
drywall1.jpg (26252 bytes) drywall2.jpg (32345 bytes)drywall4.jpg (31275 bytes)drywall5.jpg (35154 bytes) 10/19.  The drywall is started.
jddig2.jpg (60016 bytes) jddig.jpg (65647 bytes)dalejddig.jpg (69409 bytes) I was always told if I didn't finish college, I'd end up digging ditches...........
trench1.jpg (44679 bytes) We needed to document where the trenches were in case we ever had to dig again.  Perfect excuse to go up flying!
siding3.jpg (52284 bytes) 11/1/01.  The siding starts to go on.  We've been working on the decks, too.
siding2.jpg (76388 bytes) siding3.jpg (83077 bytes)11/08.  The siding is finished.

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