house1.jpg (91851 bytes) 4/2/01.  The hole is dug.
foundation1.jpg (35110 bytes) foundation2.jpg (32643 bytes)foundation3.jpg (45065 bytes)5/7/01  Foundation forms set up.
5/09/01.  Foundation all poured.
dirtwork1.jpg (39468 bytes) dirtwork2.jpg (36870 bytes)dirtwork3.jpg (36581 bytes)dirtwork5.jpg (41141 bytes)dirtwork4.jpg (33011 bytes)dirtwork6.jpg (55395 bytes)5/17/01.  Moving dirt around to get us a front yard, and provide drainage for the rear.  Pictures don't really show the huge amount of dirt we had moved.
dirtwork10.jpg (48884 bytes)dirtwork11.jpg (53642 bytes)  More views of the dirt work.
welldrill.jpg (82621 bytes) welldrill2.jpg (93174 bytes)5/31  The well drilling equipment is set up
samericatar1.jpg (81753 bytes)
samericatar2.jpg (90768 bytes)
samtar1.jpg (91646 bytes)
ericatar1.jpg (107853 bytes)
5/31.  Tarring the foundation.  The girls wore paper jumpsuits for it.
daledirt.jpg (103374 bytes) Dale, being too small to tar, had plenty of fun checking up on what everybody was doing.  He even managed to get a little tar on him, besides all the dirt and sand he was playing in..
cement1.jpg (75314 bytes) cementpour1.jpg (93567 bytes)5/30 & 6/2  The basement gets poured.
jdtractor2.jpg (120153 bytes)
jdtractor3.jpg (112655 bytes)
jdtractor1.jpg (145599 bytes) debtractor1.jpg (122079 bytes)debtractor2.jpg (48981 bytes)debtractor3.jpg (119308 bytes) We're also looking at acreage tractors, and were able to try out this Boomer for the weekend.  Dale liked his ride.  Yes, the pretty flowers are all noxious weeds and we had to spray them.  :>(
Update: We bought the Boomer with a front end loader and belly mower.  Love it.
acreage14.jpg (105341 bytes) 6/2  You can make out where the runways are going to be.  I mowed a couple strips with the Boomer.
Erintar1.jpg (117550 bytes) ErinDebtar.jpg (18087 bytes)Tarring the foundation still.  Erica even got her friend Erin to help out.  Doesn't this seem a bit like Tom Sawyer?  :>)
welldrill3.jpg (155326 bytes) welldrill8.jpg (150607 bytes)welldrill5.jpg (140075 bytes)Our first water from the well!

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