26 Quail Circle, Lake Ozark, MO

Found it!  Saturday night I get a call about a FIVE bedroom house on the 1MM North Shore.  It wasn't an area I was looking at, but it's so close to the dam which makes it convenient to get to everything.  I drove by to take a look and the owners invited me to look around.  I officially went there the next morning for a look and we did offers and counter-offers for the rest of the day.  Got it for a reasonable price, PLUS it was fully furnished.  These are all the MLS pictures.
No garage, but it does have a circular driveway.  There is a space for about a 1.5 car garage, and that's one of the first things I'll do.
Back (lake) side of the house from the dock.
View of the house from the other side of the cove.  You can barely see the house in the trees.  I want to thin them out a bit for a better view.
Very nice deck that wraps around the whole house. 
A 3-well dock.  Guess I'll have to get 3 boats.  :>)  The middle slip will hold a 28' boat easily, and has an 8000 lb hoist.  The left slip has a large PWC hoist.
I want to thin the trees down low where I can see the dock and water.  I'll keep the high stuff to help block the condos across the cove.
It's a very wide cove, with year-round deep water.  The condos across the cove are high end, starting around $400K.  I'm in a good neighborhood.  :>)
Walking through the front door you are treated to a great view from the living room.  The second shot is back towards the door.
To the left when entering the house is the dining room, then kitchen.  The cabinets are way too dark, and the whole kitchen should be updated. 
The owners just put in large tile in the kitchen and dining area.
This is the master bedroom, which features a whole wall of closets.  It's got the same view as the living room.  All of the bedrooms are large.
This is the rear bedroom upstairs, and I'll combine it with the master bedroom to make a master suite, master bath and walk-in closets.  That will drop the # of bedrooms down to 4, but it won't hurt the value at all.
The bedroom between the living room and the master.  I'm turning it into the office, and it also has a great view.
Downstairs has ceilings of over 8', even with the drop ceiling panels. 
Huge stone fireplace downstairs.  The left side is wood storage.
A second kitchen is downstairs, and will be converted to mostly a wet-bar.  There's an electrical hookup for a stove under the cabinet now.
Lakeside 4th bedroom downstairs. 
Rear bedroom downstairs.  This room is pretty dark because of the small window that faces North.  This could end up being the music room.

10/2.  After 3 days of playing lumberjack, I cut down enough trees to make a difference in the view.  I also took out a bunch of trees in the front of the house.  Before you could barely tell there was a house there.  Notice the tall stump in one of the pictures.  I was just about to cut the tree down and had the brilliant thought that it would be a great place to put a hammock.  :>)


10/12.  The more I look at the trees, the more I think I can improve on the view.  Yesterday I even put away all the straps, ropes and chainsaw.  Today I pull them all out again to take out one more tree and a few more branches.  By 5pm I call it good and drive over to the other side of the cove for pictures. 
The view from the house is so much better as well.  This shot gives you an idea of how many steps it is up to the house.  Good thing there are landings to take a break on! 
A close-up of the house.  The tree on the right side really needs to be taken out because it's half dead from all the vines strangling it.  But, it's either going to take out the tree below (which I want to keep), or the stairs (which I REALLY want to keep).  I might end up spending days taking it down piece by piece.  It's really huge.
Yeah, I have GREAT water pressure.  :>)
My boat on the lift in the dock.  Had a great weekend doing the Harbor Hop with it.
Larger view of my cove. 
11/7/08.  My new office overlooks the water. 
Got all the antique stuff back in the cabinet.  These pictures were taken mostly for inventory purposes, but they show how everything got put away.
Living room is all set up, including the piano.  Very inspirational to look over the water.


Close up of the piano.  My grandmother taught piano lessons from the stool on the right.
Pool table is in the lower level.
The couch with its own zip code needed to lose a section to fit properly.  It's sitting behind the main group on the pool table side.


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