26 Quail Circle

10/18/09.  The house is full of paneling, which has got to go.  When talking to brother Brian about it, he mentions paintable wallpaper and shows it to me in his house.  Sounds like a good alternative to ripping down all the paneling and installing drywall.  I start in the office, which is one of the few rooms that won't get a wall moved in the future.
The paper goes on horizontally, starting from the bottom. 
I found some 32" paper online, and three rolls will do an 8' wall.  With the 27" rolls from Lowes, I end up having to put in a short section.
It covers pretty good with the exception of the paneling seams.  I'll get some joint compound and smooth those out.
Almost done with the office.
Got the walls all covered, primed and painted.  However, the valleys in the paneling showed.  I took joint compound and covered the worst ones.
The South wall was really bad where the paneling joined, making wrinkles in the paper after it was painted.  I mudded those as well.
All done, and it looks fantastic.  Notice the sunlight on the ceiling as well as the floor.  The ceiling sunlight is reflected off the lake just outside.
Throughout the house there are hardly any baseboards.  I added those and it makes a nice touch.


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