August, '07.  Record amounts of rain again green up even the driest part of our acreage.

August, 06.  With the recent rains and the resulting green grass, it seemed like a good time to take the camera along when flying.  The runway was stretched out to a full quarter-mile in '05.

sunrise1.jpg (87625 bytes)
9/26/02  The morning fog over the lake and fields was a pretty site from the deck.

acreageair1.jpg (101031 bytes)
9/11/02.  An aerial shot when most everything is green.  The runway is clearly visible in this picture.  We're still having trouble growing grass in mostly sand, but by next year it should fill in better.

houseplane1.jpg (91987 bytes)houseplane2.jpg (84723 bytes)
2/16/02.  The finished product, and the main reason to get out to the country.  Having your dream house on an acreage with a lake view and your own hangar/runway has been worth all the time and hassle to get it done.  Here, Debbie gets ready to be my first passenger/student on the 845' runway (not visible in these pictures).  When spring comes along, we'll try to get some grass to grow on our overgrown sandbox we created on the construction site.

We finally did it!  After looking for almost a year, we came across 40 acres going through a Trustee's sale.  The price was reasonable, and the location is great.  Be sure and check out the hangar and house construction photos.

acreage1.jpg (25373 bytes) This is looking from the North.  The 40 acres go close to the tree line on the South.  There are lots of trees, and the land is rolling, so we won't have the usual boring house-in-the-middle-of-a-former-cornfield scenario!
acreage2.jpg (33081 bytes) View from the West.  There are no neighbors to the East or West.  The house will be situated at the South end of the Trees, and we'll have a view of the lake at the top of the picture.
acreage3.jpg (34652 bytes) Also from the West, showing the South end of the acreage and our eventual neighbor Norm Funk, who is building a house there.
acreagesat.jpg (179486 bytes) Here is a satellite view of the acreage taken in '93.  The detail is pretty amazing considering it was taken from space!  A lot more trees have grown, as you can see from the preceding photos.
acreagetopo.jpg (51621 bytes) A topographical map shows how the lay of the land goes.
panorama.jpg (49508 bytes) A panorama of the acreage from the center.
roofsunset.jpg (61410 bytes) roofsunset2.jpg (65073 bytes) 6/17/01.  Sunset shots from the roof (yes, we were still nailing shingles down in the dark.
Geese Movie 8/18/01.  Gonna have to watch out for geese when flying.  This group did a low-level fly-by right down the runway.
turkey2.jpg (86864 bytes) 5/12/02.  Not only do we have geese, a turkey showed up in our yard.  Too early for Thanksgiving, though.

House Hangar Construction

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