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11/7/02.  J.D. sells his plane and it's shipped off to Lake Champlain, NY to eventually be fitted with floats.  Stay tuned for J.D.'s new project.

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9/14/02.  Ray, Curt, J.D. and Debbie all fly down to York for breakfast.  Ray's plane split open a muffler, and sounded like a weedwacker when he taxied up.  A temporary fix lasted about halfway back.  J.D.'s plane overheated a few times, too.  A later inspection showed lead deposit fouling of one of the plugs.

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5/19/02.  Ray and Curt fly over to ask "Can J.D. come out and play?"  Sure, if only for a little while.

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2/16/02  Debbie gets ready to be my first passenger out of our airstrip.  Takeoff roll was of course longer, but 845' of runway was still sufficient.

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11/10/01.  Ron, Dale and Kirk go flying with J.D.

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ANUG 2001, in David City.
Sam and Erica both go up in a powered parachute.

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Friday, October 13th, 2000, Debbie and I went up for a half hour to take some sunset pictures.

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