70 Plymouth 'Cuda
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While cruising the eBay auctions one day in August, '06, I ran across this Cuda that was located in a nearby town (St. Edward, NE).  Here's the text of the auction (spelling cleaned up):  "This is a 1970 CUDA.  340 W/AUTO on column.  Had Galen Govier do his search on this car.  Its #11 of 34 built like that.  I have all the documentation of the car from GTS, (Galen Glover)  It is a #5 condition car.  Needs TOTAL restoration.  Thieves came about 5 years ago and basically stripped car of a lot of trim pieces and heads, intake, carb.  Motor was greased to prevent cylinder walls from rusting.  I have a lot of pics of car,  Just ask to see more pics.  This is a original owner car.  Von ordered it new.  Trunk floors are very weak, but floors inside car are good.  Call for more info. I am selling this car for Von. This is his number to get a hold of him. If I am missing any pictures you would like to see just let me know an we will get them for you."
The grill is intact, with only a single crack to be fixed.  License plates are still from '76.
The car is mostly straight. 
The whole top end of the engine, along with the distributor, was stolen years ago.  Tail lights were also stolen (I've since bought a new set).  Von has a good idea of who, but could never prove it.  I'd pay a reward to anyone who could get these parts back, just in case anyone reads this that knows about it.
  The interior didn't escape the fate of the engine, and all the bottom pieces of the dash, as well as the heater control, all the switches on the left side, and most important, the AM/8-track player were stolen.  The good thing is that the original Rallye gauges are still there.
Von said the seats started deteriorating after the first year of owning the car.  The mice didn't help much during the last 30 years either.
Initial peek at the floors showed them to be in excellent shape after all these years. 
8/28/06.  Here's the car sitting in my garage, with my 72 Chevelle SS in the background.  It'll stay inside from there on, only to come out after full restoration and on beautiful sunny days.  First thing to do was to pull the interior out to get rid of the mice smell.  No, the carpet wasn't white.  It had all the black faded out of it.
Underneath the carpet were beautiful floors that look like they were only a couple years old.  They are very solid, retaining most of their original paint.
  Well, it was getting too good to be true, anyway.  Under the parking brake I found some rust holes.  They're not  very big, and should be patched easily without putting in new floors.
10/8/06.  Finally having a free day, I get the engine and tranny out.  It got fogged, covered and put away until the body is ready for it again.

Before putting it away, I had to verify that it's the original numbers-matching 340.  Yep, it is!

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