Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

 1/19/07.  We decided to go on a Friday, since the high-dollar cars would still be there and we were leaving for home on Saturday.  It was cold outside and rained all day, making for a miserable time out in the tents.  Still, there were an amazing # of cool cars to see.
 One could register to win this Mustang and Stratocaster.  They also had a pair of Mustangs set up on dynos to drag race, and every half hour 2 people got to run them through the gears.
 This truck looked like it had a grinder run over the metal before a candy coat and clear coat went on top of it. 
 The new Challenger, being produced next year and a cool t-shirt design for Cudas
 I talked to the owner of this car, since it's a 340 'Cuda like mine.  He hoped to get $60K that night.  I saw the results later that he got $53K.  Still, that makes me feel better about the value of my 'Cuda.
   The 2Fast 2Furious cars made famous in the movie.  The third installment of the movie series featured Drifting, and outside there was a drifter demonstration.  It was pretty easy to smoke the tires when it was raining that much.
 Different cars, but they still remind me of my own Camaro.  Wish I had it back.

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