1947 Chevy Truck

7/17/06.  Debbie has always wanted an old truck.  While driving through Beemer for work, I pass an old Chevy truck sitting on the side of the road with a For Sale sign on it.  I swing back around to take a look, and while I'm writing down the info, the owner comes out to talk to me about it.  A few minutes later and $600 poorer, I've got myself a project.
The project is pretty complete, with the whole front end in the bed.  There's some rust, but not what would be considered real bad.
I had considered just having Renner Auto Body do all the work under a fictitious name so I could later surprise Debbie with a completed truck, but the logistics of keeping the project quiet for perhaps 7~12 months was too much.  I told Debbie about it, and made her promise not to laugh when we went to pick it up.
So far, the plan is to put a Mustang II-type suspension on the front and chop the top 4".  I'm pretty sure we'll end up putting a small-block Chevy driveline in as well.  Stay tuned as we build it into one sweet street machine.
  8/27/06.  After trying to get the title for over 6 weeks, I had the previous owner pick it back up. 

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